Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Okay folks, you asked for it so here it is. I received many suggestions about the kind of list that people wanted to see. After careful consideration, and much thought, I have decided to combine a number of elements . Hopefully this will satisfy the needs of all who depend on me for there daily dose of insanity...

My list is going to be quirky things about me that make me who I am...

1) I am a natural redhead with freckles.

2) I have shrunk about an inch in the last ten years.

3) I can sew just about anything without a pattern.

4) My weird sense of humour has helped me get through tough times.

5) I love the Maven 'cause she makes me laugh.

6) I love gardening even though I am very allergic to pollen.

7) I have known I was alcoholic since I was 17, but chose to drink anyway, 'cause I thought it would change.

8) I am afraid of the dark.

9) I am afraid of thunder storms, but have taught Devilteen to not be.

10) I don't like the 'gooey thing' that is in an egg.

11) I won't wear my glasses in public.

12) I am very shy, but hide behind my big mouth.

13) I imagine in my mind (even in the winter when the sun is shining) that I am on a beach in the Carribean .

14) I love to write poetry, but don't like to read it (other poetry I mean).

15) I have been engaged five times, but only married once.

16) I love the Maven 'cause she "gets" me.

17) I have two cats and a budgie.

18) I sleep on my tummy, wrapped up like a coccoon, even in the summer.

19) My kid (that would be Devilteen) is just as crazy as I am.

20) I have stickers with affirmations on them, all over my house.

Well, that is all I can think up for now, did I answer any burning questions y'all may have had about me? Now for YOUR assignment... indulge me if you will, and tell me something about you! Have fun, I'll be checking on you later...


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Love no. 4. You're so lovable.

Anonymous said...

what is the maven?
I totally get no.4 !
great list..you really are quircky huh? lol..join the club:)

lushgurl said...

It's "who is the Maven?"... and she is a really good friend who puts up with me and loves me anyway...I'd take you to her link, but of course, it is not working...

Am I quirky???

Shannon said...

I am afraid of the dark too- still at 30

The Maven said...

Whoa! That Maven chick got some mad love on your list. Lucky girl ;)

I'll even fix your links for you now because you put me on you list twice. You know how vain us alcoholics can get.

Jocelyn said...

What a great list. Like you, I'm a natural readhead with freckles. Getting to the point in life where I was okay with the freckles was a huge relief. Sounds like Maven is a rock for you!

Anonymous said...

not that i'm afraid of the dark or anything... but i do always have a flashlight with me. always ;)

take care LG

AA is still effing up my drinkin' too lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, we share way too many things on this list! Are you my long lost sister?
Peace and thank you for the kind comments on my bloggy,

Gwen said...

You sound like a lot of fun and very real. Like my kind of person. Happy Thursday!

Astarte said...

I have to separate that gooey thing on the egg and throw it out myself.

Umm..one thing about me that is quirky. (Just one? gah!) I thought I was one big quirk. Oh..I don't like chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, I know..the shame. A woman that doesn't like chocolate chip cookies.)

Don't you disown me Maven! Just think of it as more for you!