Monday, November 06, 2006


Yes indeedy, the box has been opened and out have come the Pandora's of the Blogging world. All very innocent in it's conception I'm sure, but who'd a thunk so many people would jump on the bandwagon?

I'm not embarrassed to share my age at all, that being said, I will now set the Women's Liberation movement back about forty years... When I was in high school I remember these computer rooms and everyone talking about the new and exciting world that was just around the corner! Well, I had absolutely no interest in these huge noisy machines with their little cards with the funny little holes punched in them! I totally did not get what all the hype was about for a number of reasons...1) How could these big ol' things possibly change life as we knew it? 2) I failed grade nine typing! and 3) When I grew up I was going to marry the man of my dreams and be a stay-at-home-mom and bake cookies like my mom did!!!

Suffice it to say that it is possible, just slightly possible that I may have (allegedely) been a little uh, misguided! OKAY! I'll admit it just this once- I was wrong! Shudder. That didn't feel great at all! I dunno if I'm just an old-fashioned gurl or what but all these technology things seem to be the very bain of my existance. I know all this stuff was solely designed to make our lives easier, it just seems to me that we all were doing fine before ( read I'm so lost today).

Does anybody out there remember when you actually had to be at home to receive a phone call? Do you remember when one actually had to peel one's generous rump off of the sofa in order to change the t.v. channel? And how's about the good old days when we actually used an oven to prepare the family dinner? Is it just me or has the whole world gone (technology) crazy ? Don't answer that if the answer is that I'm the one who has gone crazy!! The world just moves so fast today is all I'm saying.

I'm a little behind the times? I know that is what you all are thinking. I know that is definately what Deviltten tells me on a daily basis " mom" she says ever so innocently, " Tell me what it was like in the OLD days!" Refer back to my original posting to see how very un-cool I really am! "Okay my Devilchild, In the old days we used to go out to see a movie in the theatre"! "What? no D.V.D.?" she enquires incredulous. " No my love, and we had record players and record albums and no MP3 players!!" Imagine what today's children would do back in 'the old days'. How would they survive without cell phones and I-Pod nanos and of course the X box (do they even still have the Xbox?

So yeah I guess I am just a little outdated, I don' t have a flip phone or caller I.D. on my 'land-line'. I never did buy my child a nintendo and until recently we didn't own a microwave!! But this computer Blogging thing seems to have caught my attention. You just never know , huh? Oh and by the way, I'm not the only one who seems to have been swept up in this phenomina, on tonight's "Corner Gas", Hank had a Blog, so maybe I am cool after all!

With all the amazing new gadgets they have today, tell me, if you will, why hasn't anyone come up with something really useful? For example, I would love to have one of those air brushing thi ngy's they use in the magazines to erase wrinkles and grey hairs and take about twenty pounds off with the push of a button! I'd like the use at home version though, so that before I left the house I could do a little touch-up on myself! And hey wouldn't it be great to have a do-it-yourself version of lipo? That way I could continue to eat chocolate and not worry about where the "end" results would land!

You know I may just be onto something here. So if you don't see my postings anymore it could be that I've been discovered as the next great inventor of the twenty first century, or that they've carted me off to the new and improved Royal Ottawa Hospital for Mental Health!!! Ciau for now my friends!


Jobthingy said...

damn. i would buy that. get to it girl.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You saw that Corner Gas, too? I laughed so hard.

Had I not seen it, however, I would have read about it in your 'blurg' *wink*