Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I've been checking out different sites and have discovered how very little I actually know about this strange new world that I am not addicted to! For example, Maven has a flicker page- what the heck is it and how do you get it there? Jobthingy posts links to other Blog sites- Whassup wit dat? And I, as the newbie on the block, have the written word! No bells, no whistles, no pics to post (say THAT five times fast!). I'm a little jealous and disconcerted too! Here I am typing away at a miraculous twenty words a minute, immensely proud of my accomplishments, and there are some out there who are holding back on "flickering" and " linking" and how do you expect me to keep up with that?

Never-the-less I will continue doing what I'm doing until the Blog Police discover that I am hopelessy out of place here and send me off to the land of the Un-geek to do penance. I wonder just what that would include? Probably a manual of ' Computers Made Easy For Dummies'. And NO I have not read it. It's just that as I have shared before, I am a little slow figuring out what's hot and what's not, a little behind the times one might say. Okay, maybe not One, Millions! but who's counting? It's just kinda neat to write about what I know best and see it be published 'OUT THERE' for others to see.

I'm hoping that in my Blog travels, I might come across another newbie and we can exchange info on how to catch up with all you Jones's out there who actually know what you're doing!!
One day, you never know when, you may visit my Blog only to find it unrecognizable... I can see it now in the recesses of my imagination (you thought I was going to say brain didn't you!), Yeah I can see it now I'll have pictures of me and Devilteen the two cats and the budgie. I'll be able to link you to sites thatI have discovered, I'll be able to successfully send an e-mail the first time I type it! Hell I may even be nominated for a Nobel Prize! Stick around, it could get interesting!

You see I was probably raised in a different time than alot of you young'ens... When I was growing up my mom taught me a lot of really cool things that were essential to her when she was growing up, and I am very grateful to have many of those same qualities today. I can take a swatch of fabric and create something beautiful with it. Like all the Hallowe'en costumes I made for Devilteen when she was little. I can create amazing Barbie Doll Houses from cardboard boxes, left over fabric and construction paper. I can bake the most delicious treats from scratch(none of those boxed mixes for this gurly!). I like that I am creative in ways that many other women are not, I had a friend once who couldn't even sew on a button!.

My biggest problem is that I am so behind in today's world. When I do up my resume I almost feel like a fraud, selling ice to the Inuit! I'm sure I have many marketable skills, it's just tough trying to apply what I know and excel at in the world of technology. My last long term job I had(which I loved and was very good at), was as a Deli. Sure I made a mean Smoked Meat on Rye, and yeah customer's even came to see ME after I quit, but the dirty little secret I've been hiding is that I never learned how to use the cash register! I used to add up the items by hand, pressing only one key to access the taxes, and I used to count out change in my head, you know adding and subtracting like we learn in school! Cash registers now days are really just computer's tailored to the business they are used in. They have different keys for different items, the taxes and change are calculated automatically etc. . It's just a little intimidating for me is all I'm saying!

All this rambling is not for no reason, you may be wondering just what my point is, O.K. I'll tell you (it is so unbecoming for you to grovel like that!) The point I'm trying to make is that I am kinda scared about this whole job-hunting thing I have committed my self to. Ironically, with my fears, come yet another illness, coincidence-We think not! The truth is, I think, I am very good at many differnt things, but the idea of presenting myself to a potential employer and convincing him to hire me because I WILL be an asset to the company,is just a little overwhelming to me. Thank God I have my recovery group to go to tonight. And thank God I have friends to help me convince myself that I AM SOMEBODY SPECIAL...Oh sorry, wrong place for affirmations!

On that positive note, I will bid you au revoir maintenant(see I'm Bilingual too). I'll post more about this job-thingy (sorry JL had to borrow it!) as the information becomes available...Wish me LUCK!


Jobthingy said...

good luck with looking for a jobthingy. i had a hard time for a while also. i was stuck in the temp ob rut and couldnt get out. it sucked. i finally found the job i am at now... its perm and FT. im never leaving.

and dont worry. the maven and i will ahve to show up at your house and give you a blog land crash course.

(PS she already gave me mine over the phone and i figured it all out ;) )

lushgurl said...

Thanks for the encouragement!I think I need lots lately!

The Maven said...

I shall teach you how to link after the meeting on Friday. If Des can provide baby holding services, I can provide lessons :)

Jobthingy said...

no *I* will provide the baby holding.. sorry devilteen.. i am older and bigger then you :P