Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy taking down all the un-decorations left over from my pity party! Yup I had a wopper of one, too bad you had to miss it! Of course it would not have been appropriate to have invited you, after all it was pretty crowded here. Let's see- the honoured guests included me, myself and of course I , oh and let's not forget the shitty committee who resides in my "own little world". There was an abundance of junk food, WHINE and some 'cheesy' conversation! Nobody heard a word that was said because we were all too self-absorbed.

Thank God that's over!!! Is it just me or does the impending season of merriment bring out the worst in others too? It's not that I'm a grinch or anything, it just stresses me out so much that I kinda want to hibernate until all the good cheer and other happy crap has passed. I haven't been working for about nine months now so I don't have an abundance of cash to "keep up with the Jones' ". I know everyone always says it's not about the gifts, but let's face it, who doesn't like to receive a few Christmas prizes?

At least Devilteen is a little older now, I don't have to keep up the illusion of Santa anymore, talk about a relief! She was never one of those kids who asked for everything and then some, that was never the problem. My mother's guilt was usually what did me in! You know, I couldn't always afford much but still felt the pressure to GIVE. And of course throw in a few disfunctional family members and you have a whole new ball of uncomfortable situations to deal with. There's the obligatory 'family dinner' we all love so much. I love the turkey and stuffing part , but there are times I would love to stuff it all you-know-where! And I have two wonderful nieces that I only get to see at the Holidays, so I feel the need to buy their love in case thay have heard horror stories (about me) during the rest of the year.

Now that I am feeling better, I am actively looking for a job. I think that will help me immensely, all the malls are so decked out and cheery, it's bound to rub off on me. Of course if I do get to work in a mall, I'll also receive the fringe benefit of watching all the harried moms and dads rushing around frantically trying to fulfil their obligations before the dreaded day arrives! I'll have extra cash too which I will enjoy spending as soon as it lands in my hot little hand so I won't feel the wrath of guilt when the throngs of friends and admirers I have shower me with gifties, I'll actually be able to shower me too!!!

Come to think of it I guess I am kinda looking forward to the holidays, I've already changed my outgoing message on my phone and soon I will drag out all my decorations to put up. Heck I may even splurge on a Christmas C.D. . It may be an o.k. season after all!

So as a courtesy to all of my loyal readers I have decided to post my 'Christmas Wish List' early. No, no you don't have to thank me, that is just the kind of gurl I am, always thinking of others, my sole objective being to make YOUR life easier! Get ready, here it is...

I would like any of the followig to put under my tree this year(anything you don't get me this year, you can always give me next year)

1. A Mustang rag top (not necessarily brand new, last years' model is also acceptable)

2. A gift certificate for a week at a spa-You can choose the location, of course Arizona or California would be awesome!

3. A full C.D. library including some of my all time favorites like Elton John, The Beatles, Razorback, The Tragically Hip, Shania, Madonna, Cold Play, Bon Jovi( I'll post more choices as I think of them)

4. A diamond solitaire ring (VSI is o.k. with me, no bigger than 1/2 carat though, cause I have small hands

5. I've always wanted to go to N.Y.C. for a wardrobe shopping spree!

6. A man would also be a pleasant surprise (a mute man would be even better, oh and I like 'em young and trainable)

6. Chocolate is never turned down in my house

7. Real perfume, you know, the kind you have to ask them to get for you

8. A beautiful wall calendar to fit in my frame

9. Maybe a day of pampering at one of our finer salon's

10. I'll leave this one blank, you can chose a gift for me yourself!

Happy Shopping!!!

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Jobthingy said...

ROFL! thanks for the wish list. i can now shop knowing i wont get you a crappy gift