Monday, January 15, 2007


Here we are half way through January and it seems that someone turned the winter on! I couldn't believe it when I got up this morning, out of nowhere we have about three inches of snow! It really is kind of pretty though, I only wish we could have had a little at Christmas, WHO SAID THAT? Wow, take away a Canadians' winter weather, and look what happens! ME, Lushgurl, I actually missed the snow at Christmas, go figure. I am SO not a winter person, I was born in the heat of August, my child was born in July, I basically would just hibernate the winters away in the past. Funny how I have found that I actually miss the white stuff when there is none (I mean SNOW!!!) I am awfully grateful to live in a place that experiences seasons too, I can't imagine not seeing the beautiful colours of the leaves in the fall. Although the spring rains wreak havoc on my hair, I look forward to the melting snow and the emergence of new life in my garden. I love the heat of the summer, laying out in the sun reading a great book and then the fall comes, how boring would life be without the ever-changing seasons?

It's the kind of day where I am grateful thet I don't have to leave the house, I'm going to wait until the snowplow goes by and then I think I'll take a walk. I feel lucky in a small way that I am not working today as I don't have to battle the traffic and all the crazy drivers who seem to forget what it is like to drive in the winter. I don't mean this as a criticism, I know it is always a little bit of a shock when the first snowfall comes and we have to remind ourselves to leave a little earlier to get where we're going. Slowing down is always a good plan too, but in this day of 'gotta-get-to-the-red-light-faster-than-anyone-else' people seem to forget that winter driving takes more care than say summer driving or say the Indie 500! Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere today!

Talking of driving...I sure do miss it! I haven't owned a vehicle for quite some time and I love just cruisin'. I tell myself that I am holding out for when I can afford my dream car (another Mustang, either red or blue with a rag top and standard drive...and the license plate will say "sicchik"). the truth is though that considering I am not presently gainfully employed ,having any car is not too likely! It's o.k. though, this will not be forever, I will find employment soon, my wish list is getting longer by the day and although I made out quite well at Christmas, I definately still have a few items left on the list. I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands and do what EVERYONE else is doing ( I so hate conforming!) I'll have to find me one of those job-thingys and buy MY OWN stuff!! SHEESH, I don't remember being told that I'd have to grow up, let alone grow up AND work for a living!! I kinda always thought that when (read if) I grew up I would be swept away by a knight on a white horse who would take care of my every need and indulge my every whim and...oh never seemed better in my dreams!!!

I still haven't decided what I want to do with my life. I'm kind of stuck I guess. I've done the married thing quickly followed by the divorce thing. I've had the child thing, although she's not yet grown, we're still working on that. I've had the job security thing where I worked at the same place for eleven years and made a lot of money but hated the job. Today I just don't want to do any old thing, I don't mind being poor, but I will not be unhappy at my job too. Life is far too short to get stuck in a job just because it pays the bills, all the perks in the world do not make up for the dread of going to a place that one hates for eight hours every single day.Who in their right mind would choose to live like that? OOOPS, sorry folks, I know ALOT of people who do just that everyday, all I'm saying is, that is not how I want to live my life today.

It seems another day has flown by, I started Blogging this morning but had to catch up on my readings. Of course after the readings I felt I should post witty and/or thoughtful comments. After that I spoke to a friend on the phone who explained to me how to title my posts properly (how many times have I told you I am computerly challenged?) After gleaning the new information I went about the task of titling all of my entries because you never know when the Blog Police will be out checking to see if I am 'keeping up with Blog-Jones'!! Of course the nature of my inadequacey on the computer inadvertantly erased all of my Blog-link-buddies, sorry 'bout that ! I promise to rebook time with the Maven to get the links back up, just remember, some of us are better at some things than others and this whole computer thing just has me baffled for the most part! I will NEVER EVER get one of those web-cams that's for sure, it's bad enough having to explain to y'all how ungeeky I am without allowing the world to view my inadequacies as they are being performed!!! On that note I think I'll go for now before I accidentally delete something else!


The Maven said...

Sorry, Lushy. I kinda sorta married the white knight and he does that jobthingy so I can stay home and get fat and sort of raise kids half-decently.

Fear not, however. I'm one of those people who absolutely NEEDS to be doing something every day, and if it's not raising the gremlins it's going to have to be trudging off to work. So in a few years I'll be whining and you'll be laughing at me because of it.

Isn't our friendship unhealthy... er, wonderful? ;)

*hugs* Talk to you tomorrow!

lushgurl said...

Figures that YOU would marry the white knight...even tho you deserve the happiness and other perks,I'm still a little jealous!
Ditto on the frienship:P

Jobthingy said...

how the hell did you manage to delete the links when you should have been editing posts? you are banned from the template.

lushgurl said...

Banned from the template??? Um ok, I've been banned from worse places in my life!!!
Why are you surprised...I told ya I was 'computerly challenged'!!Expect the unexpected with Lushgurl!

Brooklyn Frank said...

no snow yet this winter here in NYC!