Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well at long last and with lots of help from Devilteen, I have made some changes to my Blog! I've changed the template--- you DID notice right? I also managed to add links to my page for your reading pleasure! As if that wasn't enough I put in a picture, no it is not actually a picture of me, but I can so relate to Eeyore and his "gloomy, gloomy day" attitude that I thought I'd share my space with him! The suspense is killing me, do you love it? As you may have noticed I kept basically the same colours but just jazzed it up a bit to make it a little more interesting, not that the posts themselves are not interesting, but it's kind of like a hook, you know, when something catches your eye so you stop to take a closer look?

I am indeed very proud of my new accomplishments. MUCHOS KUDOS to me!! By the way the saying 'Muchos Kudos" is borrowed from another Blog Buddy of mine...Brooklin Frank... check him out, he's on my links list. Apparently Frank has been trying to get this catcchy little phrase into the mainstream vocabulary and I, being the good friend that I am, will help him in this regard! I've always been just a little, shall we say 'outside the box'. I remember way back in the very early nineties, I had just moved to Toronto after spending two months in NYC. Well in NYC everybody was totally into the Peter Gabriel video called...BIG TIME! Well when I got to Toronto I started saying Big Time to everything and before I knew it, the phrase had caught on. So come on folks, let's see how long it takes to hear 'Muchos Kudos" said all over the place. It has a catchy kind of a ring to it and can be used in a variety of situations... check back through my other postings, you'll find it inserted in all kinds of ways. You are welcome Frank.

And now, on to other news and exciting business in Lushgurls world...actually there really isn't too much else new and exciting today!! Being a Sunday, the power struggle is on between me and Devilteen to see if she will work on homework, I think she is winning this battle though. Since she woke up at noon, Devilteen has eaten breakfast, taken a shower , called two people on the phone, had some lunch, tidied up her bedroom, brought her bag downstairs so she is ready to leave at, am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah of course she took about a half hour to help me with my new Blog stuff! Right now it is about three thirty, and NO the homework has not been touched!!! AAAHHH....CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! Oh and Muchos Kudos to the Devilteen for being THE most imaginative when it comes to finding anything-else-under-the-sun-to-do-besides-homework!

Yup, it always amazes me how one can find a million things to do when one is avoiding an unpleasant task. I am not just taking Devilteens' inventory here, I myself have also been guilty of procrastination from time to time. Don't you DARE bring up the not-looking-for-a-job-thing as an example, OUCH, the truth hurts! She DID NOT get her penchant for procrastination from ME, all of her character defects have been gleaned from Thedonors' (BTW if you hadn't figured it out, Thedonor is my baby'sdaddy) gene pool. Devilteens imagination and creativity have come from my side of the family! Yes it is true all of her good qualities have been passed on from my grandmother to my mother to me and to Devilteen and someday on to Her children. The character defects are all direct descendants of Thedonors' family... like her need to be so dramatic and the quick- draw temper and of course the procrastination, yup that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Well, I hate to do it, but I have to go 'encourage' my child to do some of her homework. I've been busy playing free-on-line computer games, changing the look of my blog and then of course posting on said blog... I'm not avoiding the helping the child with her homework, I'm just trying to avoid another arguement (this does not count as procrastination!!!)


The Maven said...

Hey! Great job on the site!

I was going to add those links for you, but I um... procrastinated. And then I forgot. And then this afternoon I stuck my hand into my coat pocket and found the list of blogs you wanted added.


Looks great, though :)

Jobthingy said...

love the new look! its way better then the old one. wtg!