Saturday, April 14, 2007


Virgo August 23 - September 22
You'll soon discover that the hardest thing for a parent is to lose a child, as not only are there many authority figures who will try extremely hard to return them, the little bastards are quite resourceful on their own.
The Onion!

I stole this from Lounge Daddy's post and I thought it was hilarious, considering that I have a child who resembles the one alluded to in my horoscope! So today , I have lost my child to the Maven and her family, who don't seem to realize that IT IS BASEBALL SEASON!!! They are having a HOCKEY party of all stupid things! Now I don't know about you, but in my part of the world (although we do have some spring snow), April signals the end of Hockey, or at least it should! Do I care that the Senators are in the play offs? NO! Do I think they have a hope in H-E- double hockey sticks of actually winning? Hell NO! My prediction? The Sens will do what they do best... CHOKE!!! In the mean time I have been ditched, left all by self, abandoned again...Good thing my Jays are playing today!!!

Last night I went to my home group. I so love it! A bunch of crazy drunks just like me, all sober! There is a lot of laughter at my meeting, I used to get offended that 'these people' had the gall to laugh, didn't they realize how serious our addictions are? Today I take comfort in the fact that my "peeps" know how to put recovery first, but have not forgotten the healing powers of laughter! The speaker was amazing- I love that word ! She was a late blooming alcoholic, and a high functioning one at that. She had five children, a husband, volunteer work and a full time job! Ironically her degree was in alcohol and drug counselling, and for years she would selflessly help us drunks and then go home to drink to forget all of the sad stories she heard day after day! She shared how she would drink in a closet in her home so that no one would know what she was up to. I could not relate to the life she lead, but I could identify with the feelings of "keeping it all together", hiding my drinking from the outside world, and the humility when I realized that I was not in control after all. A great message indeed!

Todays' Daily Reflections talks about resentments...

Resentment is the "number one" offender. It destroys more alcoholics than anything else. From it stems all forms of spiritual disease, for we have been not only mentally and physically ill, we have been spiritually sick as well.

Alcoholics Anonymous pg.64

The best way I know to help get rid of resentments is to pray for those I think have done me wrong, in my prayers I ask for the people to have all of the good things that I have found in life. Here are some of the good things I have today...

  • my day started with a big hug from my Angel
  • I spoke to a very good friend on the phone
  • I can allow my daughter to have fun with people other than me- without resentment
  • I am clean and sober today
  • the sadness I was feeling has been replaced by joy
  • I have a computer to stalk to all of my blogging buddies
  • I know how to use my computer today!
  • my BOYS are kickin' butt again- take that- all you hockey fans!
  • when my Angel comes home we will have a gurlie night with DVD's and popcorn

This was posted outside a church near where I live...

Man's way leads to a hopeless end, God's way leads to an endless hope.

So until we meet again.... HUGS to all!

Hearty Laugh


SoberSteve said...

You enjoy the gurls night. I'm going to an NA spring fling dance tonight. Its about 90 mins away, but I would drive that far before. The treatment center I went to is transporting everyone also. Should be fun. Take care Gurl.

Great list.

hugs and kisses

Sober Chick said...

I Loooooove todays Daily Relfections Reading. I am "amazed" how when we are open to seeing the message it is ubiquitous!

And thank GOD for that laughter. I am so glad that you can embrace this in your recovery.


AAngel said...

HEY YOU CANT EVEN TRY TO SAY THAT I DITCHED YOU..... because you said that you didnt want to come because you wanted to watch your stupid "blue jays" EWWWWWWW so what everrr xo AAngel

Mary Christine said...

I am the same way about football... Broncos.

The Maven said...

Well, the Sens lost. But at least I found a picture of your boyfriend online. He's so hot. Why have you kept him from me? I'm hurt, Lushy. Truly hurt.


I'll still hug you, though. Just because.

PS: You missed great hamburgers.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

So now the secret is out. Thanks Maven.

I guess your day must be awesome. To have started your day with a big hug from Angel, nobody can deny that!

Sent my warmest regards to your amazing speaker.

lash505 said...

Thats a great post. Resentments are part of my everyday experience. yuck. Hockey rocks..

recoveryroad said...

I was the same my first few weeks in the rooms - how dare you laugh..don't you know how miserable it is to be an alkie?.


USA pro-"sport"? Lmao. I'll stick to footie, ta.

Hope you're well today.

K .x.

Scott W said...

Sounds like you are living well this weekend. Keep it up!

Syd said...

Being able to share with laughter is something that still amazes me at times. One of the meetings that I attend is generally filled with tears. For some who are still in such pain, laughter isn't what they want to hear. For others, it's curative. I would rather feel the laughter within than the tears.

Chocolateer said...

Love the quote you ended with :)

If I tell you that I find baseball boring, will you still come read my blog? ;)

Jocelyn said...

Your upbeat mood is jumping out of my monitor at me.


Nael C. Robes said...

What an uplifting and happy post! It sounds like you had a great weekend. Keep up the good work with Angel

sharonsjourney said...

Yea, I was appalled at the laughter! Didn't they know how much I was hurting?! Today I love the laughter. I like where it says in the BB, there's much laughter, but underneath it all, there's dead seriouness about our disease. How true.

I forgot to call you over the week end, I will during this week.

I'm a virgo too, the 12th of Sept. is my BBBD.

Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Happy grls rock!

Clarity said...

Glad you and Aangel are hanging out. I can relate to the woman from your meeting who appeared to have it all together. Happy Day to you, Momma!

Scott said...

lol, um Go Red Wings... shhhh lol I know how you feel. I get so sick of basketball, it seems to go ever on lol.

Shannon said...

I love God and AA and this program and fellowship!

Tab said...

what team you cheering for?
we here in Vancouver are hoping for the Canucks to win and you wanna know who Bob is betting on ?
Dallas! lol
Resentments used to haunt my happiness till I realized , for me,it was usually do to another not being the way I wanted them to be,eventually acceptance settles in with most of us a little easier as we grow .
love your gratitude too girl..
xo Tab