Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, it is Sunday, and still rainin', but I am not all depressed and pissed off that if I go outside I will...
A) melt because I am so sweet
B) hafta freak 'cause my hair and rain don't get along well
C) stay indoors just because it's raining

I guess by MY standards, this all counts as progress!

  • It is a good day though, despite the rain!
  • My Angel is sleeping soundly in her bed.
  • I have been up since 8:00 this morning and have managed to stalk all of my favorite people.
  • I was asked to speak at a meeting tonight, and I am not nervous, 'cause I know He will put the words in my mouth
  • plans for my upcoming AA b-day are now in the works, and I think I'll make it ODAAT
  • by next weekend I will be able to post new pics of my garden in bloom
  • my new, old, sponsor has welcomed me back into her life
  • I had enough milk for the three coffee's I have drank since waking up
  • even though Angel is almost 16, she still loves to cuddle wit Hersickmomma
  • my mommy called me this week, and she loves me still
  • all of my cyber friends keep visiting my little bloggy...even though by now they MUST realize I am a freak

In case any of you all were wonderin', that was my gratitude list for today! I know I am kinda doin' it backwards, but I always have been a little backwards, and I am OK with it!!!

Our first attempts at inventories are apt to prove unrealistic. I used to be a champ at unrealistic self-appraisal. On certain occasions, I wanted to look only at the part of my life that seemed good. Then I would greatly exaggerate whatever virtues I supposed I had attained. Next I would congratulate myself on the grand job I was doing in AA.

Naturally this generated a terrible hankering for still more "accomplishments", and still more approval. I was falling straight back into the patten of my drinking days. Here were the same old goals- power, fame, and applause. Besides, I had the best alibi known- the spiritual alibi. The fact that I really did have a spiritual objective made the utter nonsence seem perfectly right.

This was taken from randomly opening As Bill Sees It, and landing on page 193 ! So I guess one of my goals for today will not be to garner applause, pats on the back and laughter in my sharing. All I can do is honestly share what it was like, what happened, and what it is like today...A message from my HP, perhaps?

Keep coming back! Sweeping


Chocolateer said...


I'm looking forward to your garden in bloom. I'm going to be gardening vicariously this year. Let us know what you're doing for your AA bday! I bet you'll have a blast!

by the way, I've really appreciated reading your list of things to be thankful for each day. When I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, it really helps me keep things in perspective.

lash505 said...

Rain + humidity + hair = Flat I like the rain sometimes. I think if I had a tin roof I would really like it...

Granny said...

Best of luck with the sharing. You'll do fine.

I had to laugh at the quote about Step 4. Mine was the opposite. I couldn't think of a single thing to put on the positive side. Took me 5 years to get through it.

Finally I went back and did the Alanon 4th and then the outline in the Big Book. Amazing how the simplest things work.

Meg Moran said...

wish I could be at that meeting about just in spirit?

recoveryroad said...

I love the rain. Especially in a forest or woods...but that's a different story...


That's a cool list. Made me smile.

Thanks for helping me stay sober another day.


missmg said...

I totally understand the rain and hair thing. Have stumbled upon your blog via soberchick. Will keep visiting. :-)

Sober Steve said...

thanks for giving me the resentment....I shaved What was left of my hair off.

Hope all went well for you tonight. I know you will or did great. You have a big heart to share.

Hugs and kisses

Syd said...

You sound so good and happy. I would like to hear you speak at your meeting. Your gratitude list is great as usual.

Nael C. Robes said...

A beautiful gratitude list. Thank you so much for all the blog visits. i hope you had a great weekend!

vicariousrising said...

My 12-year-old still likes to cuddle, but don't tell anyone. I don't know how much longer that's gonna last, but I'm glad to hear your daughter still likes to hug you. There's hope!

Have a great day! Hugs to you!


Jocelyn said...

Sounds like things are a little smoother with Angel, and frankly, that all sorts of good things are springing up around you.

Trudging said...

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that I wear my hair in a manner so I never have to even comb it, I STILL do not like to get wet in the rain. I think in a previous life I was a dog who got left out too much.
When is your anniversary, girl? Plz let me know, k?

Mary Christine said...

Even flat and or frizzy hair can't dampen the spirit of Lushgurl!

Clarity said...

Yo Sweetmama, you sound so happy and your happiness is contagious! Let us know how your share went. xxoo

Scott W said...

Wish I could be there to hear your story. My hair is too short now to react to the humidity. I love the rain more than my hair color!

sharonsjourney said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I feel a connection with you, too. That's a beautiful thing. Wish I could have been there to hear you share. That is really cool, Angel likes to cuddle with you, that is precious, & healthy.

It's been nice here for a few days, is s'pose to rain the next couple of days. I'm getting a late start with my garden this year, am anxious to get started. Look forward to see your blooms.

Let me know when it's your BD. Glad you are celebrating, you deserve it!

Love you, Sharon