Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today I am happy to announce the return of our favourite cupcake, to visit her click here.

Today's Daily Reflection reminds me again of how much we all really have in common, not only on the journey to recovery, but also in everyday life:

We recovered alcoholics are not so much brothers/sisters in virtue as we are brothers/sisters in our defects, and in our common strivings to overcome these.
As Bill Sees It pg.167

The identification that one alcoholic has with another is mysterious, spiritual- almost incomprehensible. But it is there , I "feel"it. Today I feel that I can help people and that they can help me. It is a new and exciting feeling for me to care for someone; to care what they are feeling, hoping for, praying for; to know their sadness, joy, horror, sorrow, grief; to want to share those feelings so that someone can have relief. I never knew how to do this- or how to try. I never even cared. The fellowship of AA, and God, are teaching me how to care about others.

I can so relate to this! When I do my daily blog-stalking, I look forward to hearing about all of you. How is your day going? Have you solved the problem that was causing you pain? I actually care. I don't worry incessantly about you , because I know you are safely in the hands of God. I don't want for you to be OK because I want something from you, no, I actually want for you to be peaceful and happy, the same thing I want for me! It is a freedom for me to share the things that are causing me unhappiness today, and to lessen your burdens by being there to hear your stuff. With all of my defects of character, I am still welcomed into AA and this loving blogger community, just as I welcome you. With that I will share my gratitude list for today...

  • I am very grateful to wake up at 7:30!!! without a hangover
  • for all of my sober blogging buddies who share their E, S and H with me today
  • that my womens' meeting goes tonight
  • that MY Boys are playing at 12:30 today, so I won't miss the game
  • that the Sens are once again doing well in the play-offs (even though they'll probably CHOKE in the end!)
  • that I have an answereing machine so I can play phone tag with the Maven
  • the weather is quite spring like today
  • my garden is growing strong and healthy, and I know how to post pictures of it on my blog
  • I have a safe home to call my own today
  • my Angel will spend one day of her weekend with me this week
  • that people love and care enough to comment on my little bloggy...

So I wish all of you a happy, joyous and free from drugs and alcohol day. I plan to have one myself!

Love Letter


Scott W said...

That "I can so relate to this!" paragraph is beautiful. I am back from the Dr and my hearing test. Now, I get to start my day all over. Thanks for sharing with us.

vicariousrising said...

Oooooh, garden pics! I can't have a garden where I am living at the moment, but I love garden stuff (I suck at it, but I like doing it. It's one of those things that, thank goodness nature knows what it is doing because I do not).

Super gratitude list. You sound great!

Tab said...

I like what you wrote about all of us having stuff in common not just in recovery :) True dat.

Thanks for such a nice post opening for me new bloggy.

I would love to see your share!

what team are your boys?
I am not very hockey savvy,only watch the play offs when the canuckle heads make it that far and I only watch it to hang out with! do you oohh and ahh...? I do..then I laugh cause I realize I am actually paying attention to the damn game..doh!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thank you, Pat. Love your gratitude lists. Hope to see your garden soon, now that you're able to post it.

SoberSteve said...

Thanks for sharing, and visting. Hope all is growing well in your garden and your heart.

Maybe you really need to talk about this denail stage that you are in right now. I think you are a real hockey fan, but just hate to admit it. The first step is the

Have a great Day.


Pam said...

ahhh I needed to read the positive!!! You sound happy today, I'm just coming by to let a little rub off on me. ;)

Syd said...

Thanks for your caring. It feels so good to read what you wrote. I've come to enjoy reading about each of you and how you are doing. I get a lot of good thoughts from everyone by reading what you have to say about life and living. Thanks for posting the link to Tab's new spot. Have a great day!

Sober Chick said...

I too am so glad our little cupcake is back. And how sweet of you to announce her arrival.

So I wake im the morning and read the same daily reflections as you. It makes me feel connected, and I love to get a second dose of it via your post!

Once again I am learning that this World is filled. I am not the only one (self centered Dz, arrrgggh!). I watched "DEPP IMPACT" today, was getting all teared up. Have u seen that movie? I was thinking if something happened like that then what would the real alcoholic do? How would he or she survive. Knowing that death is really upon us in hours (cuz with alcoholism the death is Sloooooooow).

I just adore your shares.


Meg Moran said...

what a remarkable plan our HP has when he brings us together (across the miles), perfect strangers, and bonds us at the heart. Who would believe it? I am soooo grateful to be a part of this community. Thanks for this wonderful post Patty Cakes.

Inmatez Wife said...

I am grateful that you left me a comment on my Kickin' It blog. I am grateful for the honesty you show. I am grateful that I was able to take over the meeting tonight, and get honest with those I let down earlier tonight.

Michael said...

Yes I feel part of the fellow alcoholics, the most kind caring people I have ever known!
On 6th may going to do the 3 Yorkshire Peaks walk of 26 miles and up 5000 feet in aid of charity, its great just to give a bit back to this world now we are sober isnt it.
Thanks for your post it made me feel good

SoberSteve said...

Morning Hockey fan you. Sens. won, how did your team do?

Nael C. Robes said...

That is so sweet that you actually are about the petty struggles in my life. Your positive attitude is infectious! Do you live in an area where you could put resumes in at a detox or treatment center?

Christine said...

thank you for sharing a day in your life---even tho we aren't all the same, can still have similar experiences