Monday, May 21, 2007


I don't know how much recovery I'll be able to fit into this post, but it's all good. I was tagged by my friend Nael- visit her here- Here goes nothing...

A- Attached or Single? Umm, big surprise, I am hopelessly single!

B- Best Friend- Me and my HP, sometimes my Angel too!

C- Cake or Pie-Hmm... cake or pie, pie or cake yeah, OK, one of each- remember I AM an alcoholic

D-Drink of choice- OK, this is a tough one, I loooove my coffee (refer back to the I am an alcoholic statement) but I gotta admit, I just love ice cold water! And with all these yummy 'Crystal light' flavors out there now, I'm drinking so much water, I feel like I'm floating! LOL

E- Essential Items-Hmmm , this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I don't think I'd love life as much without my sweet computer! Now that I have apparently figured out how to do stuff on it...

F- Favorite color-gee, I wonder if anyone out there knows what my favorite colour is? I'll give y'all a hint, I surround you, me and everyone with it, whenever you visit me here!

G- Gummi Bears or Worms- I love those cute little bears, but I am a real jerk when it comes to chewing my food properly, so I usually choke on them little buggers! So I guess I'll hafta pick the worms... Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms....

H- Hometown- I was born in Halifax (Nova Scotia), but have lived in Ottawa for most of my life, so for today, Ottawa is my hometown

I-Indulgence- Ice cream. So fattening, but I still do it. Breyer's, usually dark cherry with chocolate.--- this is what Nael said... funny thing is I just happened upon this very ice cream last night- YUUUUMMMMMY! But if I'm goona be honest about it- CHOCOLATE- for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert- better than sex LOL

J- January or February?- I am so over yesterday, it has passed forever beyond my control, tomorrow is not yet that leaves me with just one day.... Um, let's see, it's May? Um, yeah May is my favorite month!!!

K- Kids- If you're asking if I want any...uh, no thanks, I never really liked kids ( just kidding), if you're asking how many I have, well that would depend on the day! Apparently I gave birth to one very beautiful little gurl almost 16 years ago. Some days she feels like an army of one, other days, I feel like I am so alone in the world... Today I am the proud parent of one beautiful Angel who is sleeping soundly in her bed SSSHHHH...don't wake her up yet! You can visit her here- she'd love to see a few comments on her own little bloggy!

L- Life is incomplete without- sobriety, family, friends. In that order. I was too lazy to type this out myself, so I shamelessly stole Nael's answer, but hey, it works for me too!

M- Marriage Date- April 15th 1989. As some of you already know it was a short and not-so-sweet marriage, I left him in December of that same year....remind me not to do THAT again!

N-Number of Siblings- One sister, we used to be thick as thieves in our much younger days, but time, and my addictions were not kind to my little big sister (she is called that because she is younger than I, but has always been as big, or bigger than me- as in taller)

O- Oranges or Apples?- I love juicy, sweet oranges , but every so often I'll get a craving for an apple, especially in the fall, like a Gala or maybe a Granny Smith- yumm

P- Phobias/Fears- How much time do ya have... Flying , thunder storms, the dark, spiders (not a big snake fan either), come to think of it roaches *shivers*, there are probably lots more, but thinking about all the phobias I have has made me afraid to think about all the phobias I have- hey, maybe that's another phobia- the fear of thinking about ones' phobias- I'll hafta google it later!

Q- Favorite Quote- "If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are halfway through..." You know the rest (I hope, I have it posted in my blog!). I love this one from Mary J. Blige too, " I blame X for nothing, but I forgive X everything", and another fav is from Maya Anjelou " We did what we knew how to do, when we knew better, we did better...". I'm not sure if I got this last quote exactly right, but I hope you know it. Last but not least, every time I hear this man speak, I am moved to tears, the little hairs on my body stand up on end, and I get big ol' goosebumps, does it sound familiar to any of you? " .... I have a dream..."

R- Reason to Smile- the sunshine, my garden, birds chirping, childrens' laughter, seeing my Angel walk into a room- any room, a baby- that isn't mine!, new born animals, my life in general, I am sober today.

S- Seasons- Hmmm, I'll give you guys a hint here, the snow finally melting, new stuff growing, the start of baseball season, the promise of the dog days of summer just around the corner....

T- Tags- I don't know who to tag, I have done this quiz before, although it must have been before I garnered all the throngs of friends and admirers of my humble postings.... So, I dunno, if ya feel like doing it, blame it on me, and if your name starts with the letter "S" I'll be stalkin' ya later to see if you have taken me up on my challenge...BWAAAHAHAHA

U- Unknown fact about me- gosh, this is a tough one too. My life is pretty much an open book these days, hmmm.... did ya know that when I was 15, I had a 'nose job'? Some of my childhood nicknames included 'hook, beak, and prominent probiscus, this last given to me by my dad' Yup! I had suffered from very severe allergies, and had what they call a deviated septum, so in attempt to help me actually BREATHE, I was given a rhinoplasty. The thing is though, apparently, I was born with an unusually large, dare I say hideous growth on my face, in lieu of a more normal looking shnoz, I however was unaware of the size of my nose, because after all, who the heck gets to see their own profile? Long story short, my parents had addressed their concerns for their vanity about my appearance, and asked the doc to take a little off. This fact I was clueless to until the surgeon came in to prep me and asked me how I would like my new nose to look... good one on my already fragile esteem! Any way, and highly ironic to me today, less than one year after this "very expensive surgery which my dad had to pay for" I fell off my bike, right onto my face- and broke my nose!!! I have had two more surgeries on it since then!

V- Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? Shamelessly, once again, I will steal from Nael who says "Meat, I love meat." But truth be told, I also love my veggies, just not fanatical about avoiding meat is all...

W-Worst Habit- Don't have any bad habits ROFLAO! And if I did, d'ya really think I'd be sharing them here?

X-X-rays or ultrasounds- Ummm, did ya read about the nose job? And of course, I have had ultrasounds to see if my child actually sported horns and a tail, of course these things don't actually show up on ultrasounds, and did ya know that there are some beings out there who have no reflections in mirrors, and others who cast no shadows, but I digress!

Y- Your Favorite Food-Uh HELLO, was any one listening when I said that CHOCOLATE is better than SEX?

Z- Zodiac- Pure, innocent, the harvester of all things growing, yup a Virgo I am!

Okay, I think that is quite enuff about me for today! And how are YOU doin" ? Love your new today, as it is a gift, enjoy it for the present it is.... quote by Lushgurl- go ahead add it to your list of favorites!


Shadow said...

love the play on words in your quote! very very clever...

Pam said...

cake or pie? - yes

Capucine C said...

Ha,, just love it, that was great

Syd said...

The quotes that you give are great. Isn't sex a food?

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thank you for sharing a little bit about you, my friend.

Mary Christine said...

Gee, it took me til "U" to realize it was alphabetical!

Meg Moran said...

"not a big snake fan......" aha haa there's an understatement!!!

Clarity said...

Ha, Shadow got me with your ABC's you meat lovin' dark cherry ice cream eating, flower growing woman! Have a nice day now, ya heah?

Nael C. Robes said...

Thank you so much for playing along. It was really fun to learn more about you. When is your one year?

Granny said...

What a great list!!

I've always been afraid of high places (higher than the second step of a ladder) and mountain driving and bridges terrified me. (Bummer when you live in San Francisco).

Much of my General Service work involved traveling the California coast from Monterey to Crescent City on the Oregon border and trips through the mountains of Napa, Mendocino, and Lake counties.

Not to mention the bridges surrounding the city just to get out of there.

A friend who lived in Eureka directed me to this:

"My creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding. Amen."

Page 76 AA Big Book

I bought a car and my first trip (driving myself instead of the bus, bumming a ride, or flying) was to Eureka and Crescent City (Oregon border). They cheered when I walked in.

I blame AA elves for inserting pages in the Big Book while I'm sleeping. How else could I have missed Page 76 all those years?

Tab said...

COOL...JJ and I have deviated septums too! LOL
( I so need to get a grip on my allergies recommended for my shnozz too..too bad not for my boobs instead)

You have a great way of blogging Lush Gurl..thanks for making it more interesting,inspiring and fun..oh yeah..and not to mention you are the ONLY other Canadian on my Buddies List..where do all the other Canadians blog I wonder? lol
Anyhoo...thanks for being you :)

Zane-nawwaa said...

Chocolate meringue pie. I dislike staying in today, but hey it works.
When I was in the mental hosp and they said we were talking in the NOW. I would say F&*(*( you. It's not the now I have a problem with. It took a long time, but I finally got it. JEEEEZ.

Cori said...

Awesome ABC List!