Friday, May 04, 2007


Holy cow, today is my mom's 71st birthday! I can hardly wait to call her and wish her a great day, and tell her how I love her. Not so many years ago, I wouldn't even have called her on her birthday, I am so happy that my mom is alive and well, and I look forward to seeing and talking to her. Being a mom myself, I think, has changed my perception of my own mother in so many ways. Now I know how she must have worried seeing me determined to destroy myself and helpless to do anything about it. Now I can appreciate how for years, she had to let me go, as the pain of seeing me hurting was too much for her to bear. I am grateful today to have my mom in my life. I have forgiven her for the ways I felt she was not there for me. I can accept her and love her today for who she is. I can have compassion today, for the horrible life my mom had to endure, and how she still loves me with all of my imperfections. I am grateful today, that this amazing woman gave me life...what a miracle!

I was asked to share my story last Sunday, and I noticed that I no longer have bad feelings when sharing about my early years. More than ever, I have been able to look at things from a different view point, one with love and compassion instead of blame and regret. This is, for me, proof that this program is working today in my life. For that I am very happy.

Here is today's Daily Reflections' reading...

We must be entirely honest with somebody if we expect to live long and happily in this world.
Alcoholics Anonymous pg.73-74

Honesty, like all virtues, is to be shared. It began after I shared "... {my} whole life's story with someone..." in order to find my place in the fellowship. Later I shared my life in order to help the newcomer find his place with us. This sharing helps me to learn honesty in all my dealings and to know God's plan for me comes true through honesty, openness and willingness.

Today I am grateful/thankful for the following...

  • I have volunteered to be secretary at my home group for the month of May
  • it is another beautiful sunny day in my world
  • I have more flowers about to bloom in my garden
  • everyday can be filled with new adventures, if I choose it to be
  • eleven months of clean and sober living
  • all of my blogging friends who wished me well on my 11 month day!
  • pink toe nail polish...thanks MC and Gwen!
  • pink anything, flowers, clothes, my bloggy, it's my favorite colour
  • I have everything I need today, and then some
  • I will get to see the Maven and her Spawnling tonight, in person!
  • I have been awake since 7:00 AM, and have managed to stay out of trouble!

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Syd said...

Good for you to wish your mom a happy birthday with love. I'm glad that you feel the way that you do about her. She probably did the best that she could at the time. She loves you and you love her. That's a really good thing.

Hope that you have a great weekend!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Send my warmest birthday greeting to your Mum. Tell her it csame all the way from Malaysia with lots of love.

I got my share of Mustang rag top too, Pat.

Tab said...

ohhh Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!
sending her cupcakes from here:)

"I noticed that I no longer have bad feelings when sharing about my early years." I loved this line is so amazing when we can indeed share or reflect with acceptance.Feels like a great stride forwards huh?

Happy Friday~

Pam said...

Holy Schmoly are really jumping into the middle of the program...I promise...that kind of work pays off big time.
I'm proud of you and for you.

lash505 said...

Happy b day mom. I am sure she is very proud of you..

Scott W said...

You are lucky to still have your Mom. We observed the eight year of my Mom's passing on the 3rd.

Meg Moran said...

Mothers, daughters, mothers, daughters....the march goes on. You are changing the tide my friend with your forgiveness and understanding, and by showing your daughter a different design for living

pat said...

I really like that you list what you are grateful for each day. It is probably something we all should do on a daily basis.

Sober Steve said...

Happy B-day to ur mom. Another great list for a great person.

Peace Girl


Gwen said...

Happy Birthday MOM! How great!

Glad to see you feeling compassion for yourself. It is really cool when we can see and feel those changes in ourselves and others.

Have a great 24,

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

(that video's sound scares the crap out of me every time I visit your blog)

Inmatez Wife said...

I am so sorry I missed your 11 months. What a great day!! Congrats!! Been wrapped up in myself lately, sorry for that. Happy B-day for mom, they Rock!!

sharonsjourney said...

You must be working a program girl! You are so mature, & you love & forgive your mommy. What more could a mommy ask for?! I can tell you from what I've read in her posts, she loves you very much,& has been waiting for this day.

Hey lushgurl, I am so happy for you. Your hard work is paying off. Have you heard that song by the Moody Blues, it says 'all the love you've been giving was really meant for you". I love that. You are getting back the love you have, & are giving. You're such a lovely person. Your comments on my blog, inspire me, & make me smile. Thank you for all the love you give me.

Love you, Sharon

Jocelyn said...

Wow, if I get up at 7 a.m., I can never stay out of trouble. You's a good girl.

What you say about parenthood changing the way we view our own parents is sooooooooooooo wise and true.

Sober Steve said...

Hey gurl. I usually read my daily reflection on your blog...Whats up..Oh thats me. 6:30 and I posted had coffee, and just waiting on waking up the boys. I feel great after a week of islocation...


Rex said...

Wishing your Mom a very Happy are truly blessed!