Saturday, June 02, 2007


To everyone that has accompanied me on my trAAvels this far... have a piece of cake on me-you've earned it!

This is the reading from todays Daily Reflections for June 2nd...

Here are the Steps we took...
Alcoholics Anonymous pg. 59

These are the words that lead into the Twelve Steps. In their direct simplicity they sweep aside all psychological and philosophical considerations about the rightness of the Steps. They describe what I did: I took the Steps and sobriety was the result. These words do not imply that I should walk the well-trodden path of those who went before, but rather that there is a way for me to become sober and that is a way I shall have to find. It is a new path, one that leads to infinite light at the top of the mountain. The Steps advise me about the footholds that are safe and about chasms to avoid. They provide me with the tools I need during the many parts of the solitary journey of my soul. When I speak of this journey, I share my experience, strength and hope with others.

Last night was not great for me. Angel and I had a huge fight which resulted in me sending her back to the group home, probably for the weekend. Apparently Angel had made tentative plans with a gurl friend for tonight. The plans included going to a street in downtown Ottawa, where all of the bars along the way would be opened up, with big screen tv's showing game three of the Senators/Ducks game- for those who are not aware, this is the first time in about thirty years, that our home hockey team has had a shot at winning the Stanley Cup. Anyway, the game is going tonight, the entire length of this road will be closed to traffic, meaning that the patrons of various bars wil be able to wander freely about. One of the gurls, I have known for years, and I love her as if she were my own, the other gurls I have never met. Ah, but I was 16 once, and if you are looking to party, this would be the place to be... So in my infinite wisdom as a mom who had her share of schemes to find a party in my younger days, I said that this was the last place that I thought Angel should be on a Saturday night...and she was off...

First I must set up a bit of background... when I was still drinking and Angel would have plans made that I did not agree with, she would basically say F-you, and leave anyway, at which point I would drink to console myself for being such a bad mother. I would try to set boundaries and limits, but the fights that would ensue would wear me down to the point that I would give in or as mentioned, Angel would take off anyway. I am working very hard at setting healthy limits today and it is very challenging for a number of reasons...
A) I always used to give in if she threw a big enough tantrum
B) Angel has already had her share of addictions problems
C) it is hard to impose consequences when the child takes off
D) I am dealing with years of guilt at not being a better mom

When Angel started to realize that her plans were going to be thwarted, she became verbally abusive, another good old stand-by that has worked in the past with me. But I didn't cave. I attempted to call my sponsor, at which point the phone was unplugged. I went outside to calm down, at which point the door was locked behind me. I tended to my garden at which point Angel came out to pursue her attack. She went back and forth from name calling and insulting to begging me to reconsider. When it appeared that I was not going to give in this time, her behaviours escalated...I am NOT going to your stupid meeting tonight...OK I'll stay here with you and have a boring weekend, like usual...I HATE this stupid serenity bull****... I hope you end up drinking again.....

Knowing that I was chairing the Friday night meeting, and having had a using dream, and smelling dope from my neighbors all week, I made a decision to call the house and have them come pick Angel up. I explained to her, and the staff at the house, that it had been a somewhat difficult week for me, and I was determined to make it to my one year celebration. So I had to take care of me. I figured that Saturday would also be spent arguing with Angel as she attempted to change my mind and allow her to go to "party central" with other 16 year old gurls on a Saturday night... The call being made, the tears started flowing, hers, not mine! She accused me of not loving her, she accused me of being a bitch, she once again threw all of the terrible things I had done to her in my face and it hurt, oh it really hurt, both of us.

I said that she was right, I was not able to be the kind of mother that she needed when I was still drinking, and I was very sorry for all of the ways that I had let her down. I told her that I had worked so hard this year to make changes, so I could be a better mom, to show her that I did truly love her, by setting limits and doing what I felt was best for both of us. I also said that I had to take care of me, and that included going to my meetings and trying to live in today, and not putting myself in situations that threatened my sobriety. blah, blah, blah.... I know that Angel could nor hear any of what I was saying because she was so angry and hurting, and I went into self-preservation mode. I waited on the front step for the staff to come and get her, and went to my meeting...

The speaker I had chosen was amazing. Her story was a lot like mine in so many ways. I sat and cried throughout.... After the meeting I had the opportunity to talk to my new sponsor, and a really good friend. They took opposites side of the proverbial coin on this fighting with Angel thing. One said I had to allow her some freedom, not be so protective of her, the other agreed that due to our history, I had done my best to protect Angel from herself. They both agreed however, that maybe neither Angel or I , were ready to live together again. My worst fears, verbalized by two very intelligent women. And now I am back, so-to-speak, to square one. I need to take care of me. I want to be a good mother to my daughter. I don't want to cause her any more pain than I already have. I want so much for us to live together, but I just don't know that we can. Ho hum...I continue on my journey One Day at a Time and I know more shall be revealed... Happy Birthday to me!

Just so you all know, I am grateful for so many things today, not the least of which is my sobriety, but due to the length of my novel, I will skip writing out my gratitude list... you're welcome!


vicariousrising said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAAY!!!! You wonderful creature! HUGS AND LOVE TO YOU!

I also want to add that you are not at square one. You have come so far and made enormous strides in the past few months that I have known you. Be proud of your achievements. You may not be where you want to be yet, but you can do it. Just put one foot in front of the other. The payoff is worth it, and you will feel a little of it along the way. You a miracle, but you are also part of the reason the miracle is possible.

I love you, my sister in sobriety,

Pam said...

Happy Birthday darlin'!!!!
I have learned this much: We do the best we can-in the day we are in.
Thats what you did with Angel.
If you keep on living the way you have this past year....miracles will keep on having a painful fight with her and not drinking over it.

Tab said...

I am so touched..where is your email address?! I want to send you a letter?!

Being where you are today Lush is profound beyond words not just as a Mother but a woman just trying to make sense of it all and move on.I just LOVE your dignity and courage.Alcohol does not have to plague families as long as families are willing to see the truths of today and keep hope and love with them in to the new day.
You are breaking a cycle that could not only enhance your health,safety and future,but that daughter of yours.
Whatever it takes for you to stay sober today just stay true to you and continue sharing where and how ever you may be so inspired.
Thank you for being you !!!
I just adore you more every post!
big hugs and cupcakes coming your way...happy one year :)

recoveryroad said...

Lol. [[[hug you too]]]

I am not a parent. This is a good thing. Believe me. :-D

You still haven't told me - is that you in the baseball cap on the sidebar?

Judith said the rest for me. Thank you, Judith. Lol.


lash505 said...

Happy Birthday that's totally awesome. You rock as a mother and where is the sun today in socal. It's all in you girl...

recoveryroad said...

Lmao - me?! A nag?!

I like redheads in baseball caps. What? You thought I was going to write something nasty? Fie and foe and shame on you!


**goes off to nag elsewhere in cyberspace**


lushgurl said...

Oh out everyone Kenny is on the loose!!!
...thanks for the laugh tho, dude!

Meg Moran said...

Happy Numero UNO!!!! I'm so glad I was able to sign on here and not miss this day!! You post was so full of experience, strength and hope. You are walkin thru it with so much dignity. Much love mamma

Anonymous said...

1 and growing.
Rock on, grl!

Granny said...

You made it!! I had no doubt.

Sorry the occasion was marred somewhat but you did the right thing.