Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm still tired and still a little crabby, that's why I haven't posted for a couple of days. I did talk to my therapist today, and she said it made perfect sense to her. Glad to know my misery has its' place! LOL! Apparently this is quite common to have post-party let down, you know like the big climb up the roller coaster and then the whole thing breaks down... She asked me what my plans were for the next year, and I replied just more of the same, staying sober One Day at a Time, more to uncover and discover about me, having my AAngel come back home, and of course that nasty little matter of the job search! And NO, in case you were wondering, I have not heard back from Walmart, I guess God has planned for me to wake up rich instead of just beautiful tomorrow. LOL!

The best I can do for today will have to be enough, and so today, I am grateful for the following...

  • I actually made it into my second year of sobriety
  • I have a counsellor who "gets" me
  • no news can be viewed as no bad news
  • it was a gorgeous, hot and sunny day today
  • by the end of the week I will have new blooms in my garden
  • there is still much I have to learn
  • there are things that I can teach others
  • to have a peaceful weekend with AAngel
  • not every day has to be chaotic and full
  • I have everything I need today and then some
  • my HP must have better plans for me than mine would have been
  • all of my friends and family in recovery... YES, that means YOU!

Talk To You Later!
I Love You


Mary Christine said...

The big book talks about "the danger of excitement" and I couldn't understand what the heck that could mean... but I think we both know. The let down after the big event.... please keep coming back.

Sober Chick said...

Geez I wish you were at the Womens Stag on Sunday. This was the main topic. There are so many emotions during that time, and we have expectations of not only ourselves but others that can alter our mood. But all you need to do is keep doing what you are doing :)

Life is like riding a rollar coaster, hang on tight! It is good you are talking about your emotions.


Shadow said...

is feeling crabby contageous you think, hee hee hee. glad you're better though too.

Anonymous said...

I also think crabiness is going around -- or maybe just being tired.
I, too, have heard of this post-party let down thing.
Hope you are back to your old self soon. I know your gratitude will help you.

Tab said...

Here is a hug and a cupcake...
(( cupcake )) love Tab xo

Cori said...

I'm not crabby, I'm all stuffed up and sick. But hopefully you're feeling chipper today! And not stuffy and sick :)

Meg Moran said...

if you wake up sober tomorrow it is the same as waking up rich! But I hope things reveal themselves soon so you can be pocket-book richer too!

Syd said...

Not having chaos is fine with me too. Your misery will pass. Just remember that each day there are countless good things that will happen.

Nael C. Robes said...

It's usually when I get comfortable in the calm spots in the life that God decides I'm ready for a new growth experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it's there!

recoveryroad said...

Aw, crap. I missed your AA brithday? I'm so sorry. :( I thought I ...never mind. Me dumb.

Well done, you. [[[hug]]]

The lilies look lovely.

The ice cream comments made me smile.

Have seen the Candadian lassie from behind (!) - definitiely not a hockey player! Not seen her from the front end, yet.

Thnaks for sharing. Sorry again.

K x